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Privacy Policy

Mindful Participation

This Is How The World Ends is a movie dedicated to capturing the essence of immediacy in life through a cinematic lens. We are committed to respecting the privacy and dignity of all individuals involved in or present at the AfrikaBurn event, at which we are fortunate and grateful to be allowed to film as an art project and which we will treat with the utmost respect. This Privacy Policy outlines our approach to ensuring the privacy of those who appear in our movie.

Consent for Filming: We will obtain explicit consent from every individual who will be visibly featured or has a speaking role in our movie.  Individuals will have the opportunity to ask questions and withdraw their consent at any stage prior to release.

Protection of Non-Participants: We understand that not everyone at AfrikaBurn wishes to be filmed or featured in a movie. We respect this choice and commit to the following measures to ensure their privacy:

  • Any individual who has not provided explicit consent will not be featured clearly in any scene.

  • We will employ techniques such as focusing, angling, and editing to ensure that non-consenting individuals are out of focus, out of the scene, or otherwise unrecognizable in the film.

  • Our filming crew will be instructed to be vigilant and respectful, ensuring that the camera does not intrude on those who prefer not to be filmed.

Use of Footage: Our aim is to get this movie out as far and wind as the eye can see and spread our message as far and possible. With that in mind the footage obtained during AfrikaBurn will be used solely for the purpose of the movie. We will not use any filmed content for purposes other than those to which the participants have consented.

Right to Withdraw Consent: Participants who have given their consent to be filmed can withdraw this consent at any point prior to release. We will provide an open link for all to view. If you decide to withdraw your consent, please contact our production team, and we will take immediate steps to remove your presence from the film to the extent possible.

Contact Information: For any inquiries or concerns regarding your privacy and your rights under this policy, please contact our production team at

We are committed to creating a respectful, inclusive, and participatory environment that aligns with the principles of AfrikaBurn. Your privacy is paramount to us, and we are dedicated to upholding these standards throughout our production process.


This movie would not be possible without the assistance of AfrikaBurn. Our guiding principles are accordingly informed and subject to those of the AfrikaBurn organisation.

To learn more about what this includes and entails, please see below.

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