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Guiding Principles

Embracing the Guiding Principles to help guide our film:

1.  Radical Inclusion:

  • Ensure your casting and crew recruitment processes are open and welcoming to all, regardless of background or experience.

  • Feature a diverse range of participants in the film to reflect inclusivity.

  • Engage with various communities to involve them in the filmmaking process.


2. Gifting:

  • Foster a production environment where team members freely share knowledge, skills, and resources without expecting anything in return.

  • Consider incorporating scenes or elements in the movie that showcase acts of gifting.


3. Decommodification:

  • Avoid featuring brand names or advertisements in your film.

  • Focus on creating value through shared experiences and storytelling, rather than commercial gain.

  • Ensure the film's creative decisions are driven by the principles, not by commercial interests.


4. Radical Self-Reliance:

  • Encourage team members to bring their unique skills and resources to the project.

  • Highlight stories or scenes where individuals use their ingenuity and resources to overcome challenges.


5. Radical Self-Expression:

  • Allow for creative freedom among the cast and crew, letting them contribute their unique perspectives and styles to the film.

  • Showcase diverse forms of self-expression from the AfrikaBurn community in your film.


6. Communal Effort:

  • Collaborate with various stakeholders, including AfrikaBurn participants, to ensure the film reflects the community's ethos.

  • Emphasize teamwork and collective achievement in both the filmmaking process and the narrative of the film.


7. Civic Responsibility:

  • Adhere to legal and ethical standards throughout the production.

  • Engage with the local AfrikaBurn community respectfully and ensure the film's production aligns with civic responsibilities.

  • Obtain consent from all those who would be included in the filmmaking process and final result.


8. Leaving No Trace:

  • Implement environmentally sustainable practices during filming, ensuring minimal impact on the location.

  • Include scenes that demonstrate the importance and methods of leaving no trace in the context of AfrikaBurn.


9. Participation:

  • Encourage active participation from everyone involved in the film, fostering a sense of ownership and contribution.

  • Include narratives or scenes that highlight the transformative power of participation at AfrikaBurn.


10. Immediacy:

  • Focus on capturing the immediate, raw experiences of AfrikaBurn, emphasizing authentic, in-the-moment experiences over staged or scripted content.

  • Encourage the film's viewers to engage with the present moment and the real emotions of the participants.

  • Emphasise the journey of our characters and their engagement with immediacy as a lesson within the story.


11. Each One Teach One:

  • Foster an environment of learning and knowledge-sharing among the cast and crew.

  • Include content that showcases the transmission of knowledge and culture within the AfrikaBurn community, emphasizing the importance of communal learning and mentorship.


By aligning our production process and the film's content with these principles, we'll not only create a movie that resonates with the ethos of AfrikaBurn but also contribute to spreading its values and culture.


If you think we can do any better, please feel free to email us on

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